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    • Autophagy as a therapeutic target in cardiovascular disease 

      Nemchenko, Andriy; Chiong Lay, Mario; Turer, Aslan; Lavandero González, Sergio; Hill, Joseph A. (2011)
      The epidemic of heart failure continues apace, and development of novel therapies with clinical efficacy has lagged. Now, important insights into the molecular circuitry of cardiovascular autophagy have raised the prospect ...
    • Diabetic cardiomyopathy and metabolic remodeling of the heart 

      Battiprolu, Pavan K.; López Crisosto, Camila; Wang, Zhao V.; Nemchenko, Andriy; Lavandero González, Sergio; Hill, Joseph A. (2013)
      The incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus are both increasing rapidly in societies around the globe. The majority of patients with diabetes succumb ultimately to heart disease, much of which stems from atherosclerotic ...
    • Energy-preserving effects of IGF-1 antagonize starvation-induced cardiac autophagy 

      Troncoso, Rodrigo; Vicencio, José Miguel; Parra, Valentina; Nemchenko, Andriy; Kawashima, Yuki; Campo, Andrea del; Toro, Barbra; Battiprolu, Pavan K.; Aranguiz, Pablo; Chiong Lay, Mario; Yakar, Shoshana; Gillette, Thomas G.; Hill, Joseph A.; Abel, Evan Dale; LeRoith, Derek; Lavandero González, Sergio (European Society of Cardiology, 2012)
      Aims Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is known to exert cardioprotective actions. However, it remains unknown if autophagy, a major adaptive response to nutritional stress, contributes to IGF-1-mediated cardioprotec ...
    • Regulation of autophagy by Insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathways 

      Troncoso, Rodrigo; Vásquez Trincado, César; Campo, Andrea del; Gatica, Damián; Morales, Pablo; Paredes, Felipe; Gutiérrez, Tomás; López Crisosto, Camila; Lavandero González, Sergio; Torrealba, Natalia; García Nannig, Lorena; Díaz Araya, Guillermo; Battiprolu, Pavan K.; Nemchenko, Andriy; Ferdous, Anwarul; Gillette, Thomas G.; Hill, Joseph A. (Nova Science Publishers, 2012)