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    • Worldwide Phylogenetic Relationship of Avian Poxviruses 

      Gyuranecz, Miklós; Foster, Jeffrey T.; Dán, Adám; Ip, Hon S.; Egstad, Kristina F.; Parker, Patricia G.; Higashiguchi, Jenni M.; Skinner, Michael A.; Höfle, Ursula; Kreizinger, Zsuzsa; Dorrestein, Gerry M.; Solt, Szabolcs; Sós, Endre; Kim, Young Jun; Uhart, Marcela; Pereda, Ariel; González Hein, Gisela Andrea; Hidalgo Olate, Héctor; Blanco, Juan Manuel; Erdélyi, Károly (2013)
      Poxvirus infections have been found in 230 species of wild and domestic birds worldwide in both terrestrial and marine environments. This ubiquity raises the question of how infection has been transmitted and globally ...