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    • Risk assessment of Listeria monocytogenes in poultry and beef 

      Foerster, Claudia; Figueroa Gronemeyer, Guillermo; Evers, Eric (Emerald, 2015)
      Purpose – A quantitative microbiological risk assessment (QMRA) was developed to estimate the probability of getting listeriosis as a consequence of chicken and beef consumption in Chile. The paper aims to discuss these ...
    • Study protocol for the Maule Cohort (MAUCO) of chronic diseases, Chile 2014-2024 

      Ferreccio, Catterina; Roa, Juan Carlos; Bambs, Claudia; Vives, Alejandra; Corvalán, Alejandro H.; Cortés, Sandra; Foerster, Claudia; Acevedo, Johanna; Huidobro, Andrea; Passi, Alvaro; Toro, Pablo; Covacevich, Yerko; Cruz, Rolando de la; Koshiol, Jill; Olivares, Mauricio; Miquel, Juan Francisco; Cruz, Francisco; Silva, Raúl; Quest, Andrew F. G.; Kogan Bocian, Marcelo; Castro, Pablo F.; Lavandero González, Sergio (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: Maule Cohort (MAUCO), a Chilean cohort study, seeks to analyze the natural history of chronic diseases in the agricultural county of Molina (40,000 inhabitants) in the Maule Region, Chile. Molina's population ...
    • The CK1 gene family: Expression patterning in zebrafish development 

      Albornoz, Amelina; Yáñez, José M.; Foerster, Claudia; Aguirre, Celeste; Pereiro, Luisa; Burzio, Verónica; Moraga, Mauricio; Reyes, Ariel E.; Antonelli, Marcelo (Society of Biology of Chile, 2007)
      Protein kinase CK1 is a ser/thr protein kinase family which has been identified in the cytosol cell fraction, associated with membranes as well as in the nucleus. Several isoforms of this gene family have been described ...