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    • Impact of rotavirus infections on outpatient clinic visits in Chile 

      O'Ryan Gallardo, Miguel; Díaz, Janepsy; Mamani Manzano, Nora; Navarrete, Marisol; Vallebuono, Clelia (2007)
      BACKGROUND: Incorporation of new rotavirus vaccines into national programs of developing countries will rely on well-designed cost-effective analysis based on accurate assessment of disease burden. For Chile, rotavirus ...
    • Neisseria meningitidis ST-11 Clonal Complex, Chile, 2012 

      Araya, Pamela; Fernández, Jorge; Canto Fuentes, Felipe del; Seoane, Mabel; Ibarz Pavón, Ana; Barra, Gisselle; Pidal, Paola; Díaz, Janepsy; Hormazábal, Juan; Valenzuela, María (Centers Disease Control, 2015)
      Serogroup W Neisseria meningitidis was the main cause of invasive meningococcal disease in Chile during 2012. The case-fatality rate for this disease was higher than in previous years. Genotyping of meningococci isolated ...
    • Prospective Characterization of Norovirus Compared With Rotavirus Acute Diarrhea Episodes in Chilean Children 

      O'Ryan Gallardo, Miguel; Peña, Alfredo; Vergara, Rodrigo; Díaz, Janepsy; Mamani Manzano, Nora; Cortés, Héctor; Lucero Álvarez, Yalda; Vidal Álvarez, Roberto; Osorio Abarzúa, Carlos Gonzalo; Santolaya de Pablo, María Elena; Hermosilla Díaz, Germán; Prado, Valeria J. (Lippincott Williams, 2010)
      Rotavirus and more recently noroviruses are recognized as main causes of moderate to severe acute diarrhea episodes (ADE) in children < or =5 years of age. Comparing epidemiologic and clinical features of norovirus to ...