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    • Synthesis, structure and antifungal properties of Co(II)-sulfathiazolate complexes 

      Bellú, Sebastián; Hure, Estela; Trapé, Marcela; Trossero, Claudia; Molina, Gabriel; Drogo, Claudia; Williams, Patricia; Atria Salas, Ana María; Muñoz, Juan Carlos; Zacchino, Susana; Sortino, Maximiliano; Campagnoli, Darío; Rizzotto, Marcela (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2005-03-10)
      he reaction between sulfathiazole and cobalt(II) leads to a pink solid, [Co-II(ST)(2)(H2O)(4)] (1), which, after 7-10 days in the mother solution, transforms into red crystals of [Co-II(ST)(2)(H2O)(3)](n) (2) (ST = ...