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    • Gold Nanoparticles and Microwave Irradiation Inhibit Beta-Amyloid Amyloidogenesis 

      Araya, Eyleen; Olmedo, Ivonne; Bastus, Neus G.; Guerrero, Simón; Puntes, Víctor F.; Giralt, Ernest; Kogan Bocian, Marcelo (SPRINGER, 2008-11)
      Peptide-Gold nanoparticles selectively attached to beta-amyloid protein (A beta) amyloidogenic aggregates were irradiated with microwave. This treatment produces dramatic effects on the A beta aggregates, inhibiting both ...
    • Nanoparticle-mediated local and remote manipulation of protein aggregation 

      Kogan Bocian, Marcelo; Bastus, Neus G.; Amigo, Roger; Grillo-Bosch, Dolors; Araya, Eyleen; Turiel, Antonio; Labarta, Amilcar; Giralt, Ernest; Puntes, Víctor F. (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2006-01)
      The local heat delivered by metallic nanoparticles selectively attached to their target can be used as a molecular surgery to safely remove toxic and clogging aggregates. We apply this principle to protein aggregates, in ...