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    • Photon dominated regions in NGC 3603 [CI] and mid-J CO line emission 

      Röllig, M.; Kramer, C.; Rajbahak, C.; Minamidani, T.; Sun, K.; Simon, R.; Ossenkopf, V.; Cubick, M.; Hitschfeld, M.; Aravena, M.; Bensch, F.; Bertoldi, F.; Bronfman Aguiló, Leonardo; Fujishita, M.; Fukui, Y.; Graf, U. U.; Honingh, N.; Ito, S.; Jakob, H.; Jacobs, K.; Klein, U.; Koo, B.-C.; May Humeres, Jorge; Miller, M.; Miyamoto, Y.; Mizuno, N.; Onishi, T.; Park, Y.-S.; Pineda, J.; Rabanus, D.; Sasago, H.; Schieder, R.; Stutzki, J.; Yamamoto, H.; Yonekura, Y. (2011-01)
      Aims. We aim at deriving the excitation conditions of the interstellar gas as well as the local FUV intensities in the molecular cloud surrounding NGC 3603 to get a coherent picture of how the gas is energized by the central ...