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    • Conversion to everolimus in liver transplant patients with renal dysfunction 

      Pérez Pérez, Macarena; Segovia, Carolina; Martínez Castro, Daniel Castro; Roblero,; Estela, (2011)
      Calcineurin inhibitor (CNI) immunosuppressive therapy postliver transplantation (OLT) is important to reduce graft rejection episodes. However, these drugs show important side effects, particularly renal dysfunction (RDF). ...
    • Release of norepinephrine from human ovary 

      Lara, Hernán E.; Porcile, Arnaldo; Espinoza, Jaime; Romero, Carmen; Luza, Sandra M.; Fuhrer, Juan; Miranda, Cristian; Roblero, Luis (2001)
      We investigated the possibility that norepinephrine from the human ovary is released after nerve stimulation and that this neurotransmitter is coupled to a steroidogenic response. Biologically significant levels of both ...