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    • Interface Dynamics in liquid crystals 

      Andrade Silva, Ignacio Javier (Universidad de Chile, 2016)
      La dinámica de interfases es un tópico de estudio que ha suscitado mucho interés en distintos contextos tales como el magnetismo, dinámica de poblaciones, óptica, por mencionar algunos. Una interfase es un borde o superficie ...
    • Optical wall dynamics induced by coexistence of monostable and bistable spatial regions 

      Odent, Vincent; Louvergneaux, E.; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel; Andrade Silva, Ignacio (American Physical Society, 2016)
      When nonequilibrium extended homogeneous systems exhibit multistability, it leads to the presence of domain walls between the existing equilibria. Depending on the stability of the steady states, the dynamics differs. Here, ...
    • Spontaneous light-induced Turing patterns in a dye-doped twisted nematic layer 

      Andrade Silva, Ignacio Javier; Bortolozzo, Umberto; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel; González Cortés, Gregorio; Residori, Stefania; Wilson, Mario (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
      © 2018, The Author(s). Optical pattern formation is usually due either to the combination of diffraction and nonlinearity in a Kerr medium or to the temporal modulation of light in a photosensitive chemical reaction. Here, ...