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    • ATP-diphosphohydrolase activity in rat renal microvillar membranes and vascular tissue 

      Sandoval, S.; García Nannig, Lorena; Mancilla, Marta; Kettlun, Ana María; Collados, L. E.; Chayet, L.; Alvarez, A.; Traverso Cori, A.; Valenzuela Pedevila, María Antonieta (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 1996-05)
      Ecto-nucleotidases may have a role in the regulation of purinoceptor-mediated responses. ATP-diphosphohydrolase or apyrase has been described as an ecto-nucleotidase, which is characterized by a low specificity for its ...
    • Comparison of the biochemical properties, regulation and function of ATP-diphosphohydrolase from human placenta and rat kidney 

      Valenzuela Pedevila, María Antonieta; Kettlun, Ana María; Sandoval, S.; García Nannig, Lorena; Mancilla, Marta; Neckelmann, G.; Chayet, L.; Alvarez, A.; Cuevas, F.; Collados, L. E.; Espinosa, Victoria; Traverso Cori, A.; Bravo, I.; Acevedo, C. G.; Aranda, E. (ASSOC BRAS DIVULG CIENTIFICA, 1996-05)
      ATP-diphosphohydrolase (apyrase, EC has both ATPase and ADPase activity that are stimulated by bivalent metals, with Ca2+ being the most effective. The possible physiological function of this enzyme, associated ...