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    • Adaptive character of liver glucokinase 

      Niemeyer,; Ureta, Tito; Clark-Turri, Lyllian (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1975)
      1. Glucokinase is one of four glucose phos-phorylating enzymes present in rat liver. Its distinctive features are a high Km for glucose (high-Km isozyme) and a rather narrow substrate specificity. In contrast, the other ...
    • Immunochemical titration of liver glucokinase from normal, fasted, and diabetic rats 

      Clark-Turri, Lyllian; Penaranda, Jose; Rabajille, Eliana; Niemeyer, Hermann (1974)
    • Induction of glucokinase by glucose in rat liver 

      Niemeyer, Hermann; Clark-Turri, Lyllian; Rabajille, Eliana (1963)
      EVIDENCE that the nature and amount of carbohydrates in the diet significantly influence the activity of several enzymes related to carbohydrate metabolism is now accumulating. Among other enzymes, glucokinase decreases ...