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    • Albatros 

      Jara, Carlos; Vergara, Paulina (Universidad de Chile, 2019-12)
      En Chile el 16,7% de la población corresponde a personas con situación de discapacidad, que corresponden a 2.836.818 personas de 2 años en adelante. De esta población el 86% corresponde a personas que viven en lugares ...
    • Osteoporosis, falls and fractures in chilean older people 

      Albala Brevis, Cecilia; Lera Marques, Lydia; Angel Badillo, Bárbara Karen; Sánchez, H.; Márquez Jara, Carlos; Arroyo Albala, Patricia (Springer, 2017)
    • Reference values of hand grip dynamometry and the relationship between low strength and mortality in older Chileans 

      Lera Marques, Lydia; Albala Brevis, Cecilia; Leyton Dinamarca, Bárbara; Márquez Jara, Carlos; Angel Badillo, Bárbara Karen; Saguez, Rodrigo; Sánchez, Hugo (Dove Medical Press, 2018)
      Aim: This study was aimed to set reference values of hand-grip strength by age and sex and validate cut points for risk of functional limitation and mortality in older Chileans. Methods: This was a pooled analysis of ...
    • Software for the diagnosis of sarcopenia in community-dwelling Older adults: design and validation study 

      Lera Marqués, Lydia; Angel Badillo, Bárbara; Márquez Jara, Carlos; Saguez Mamani, Rodrigo; Albala Brevis, Cecilia (JMIR Publications, 2020)
      Background: The usual diagnosis of sarcopenia requires a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) exam, which has low accessibility in primary care for Latin American countries. Objective: The aim of this study is to ...