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    • Early origins of allergy and asthma (ARIES): study protocol for a prospective prenatal birth cohort in Chile 

      Hernández, Caroll D.; Casanello, Paola; Harris, Paul R.; Castro Rodríguez, José A.; Iturriaga, Carolina; Pérez Mateluna, Guillermo; Farías, Marcelo; Urzúa, Marcela; Hernández, Cherie; Serrano, Carolina; Sandoval, Mauricio; Hoyos Bachiloglu, Rodrigo; Uauy Dagach-Imbarack, Ricardo; Borzutzky, Arturo (BMC, 2020)
      Background Growing evidence shows that atopic dermatitis (AD), food allergy (FA), allergic rhinitis, and asthma are largely determined during the first 1000 days (time elapsed from conception to the 2nd birthday). The ARIES ...
    • The many faces of XMEN disease, report of two patients with novel mutations 

      Hoyos Bachiloglu, Rodrigo; Concha, Sara; Sepúlveda, Pablo; Campos, Roberto; Pérez Mateluna, Guillermo; King, Alejandra; Zúñiga, Pamela (Springer, 2020)