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    • Non-Hermitian robust edge states in one dimension: Anomalous localization and eigenspace condensation at exceptional points 

      Martinez Alvarez, V.; Barrios-Vargas, J.; Foa Torres, L. (American Physical Society, 2018)
      Capital to topological insulators, the bulk-boundary correspondence ties a topological invariant computed from the bulk (extended) states with those at the boundary, which are hence robust to disorder. Here we put forward ...
    • Topological states of non-Hermitian systems 

      Martinez Alvarez, V.; Barrios-Vargas, J.; Berdakin, M.; Foa Torres, L. (Springer Verlag, 2018)
      Recently, the search for topological states of matter has turned to non-Hermitian systems, which exhibit a rich variety of unique properties without Hermitian counterparts. Lattices modeled through non-Hermitian Hamiltonians ...