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    • Europium(III) and terbium(III) trans-2-butenoates: syntheses, crystal structures, and properties 

      Barja, Beatriz; Aramendia, P.; Baggio, Ricardo; Garland, María Teresa; Peña, Octavio; Perec, Mireille (ELSEVIER SCIENCE, 2003-11-20)
      Homometallic europium(III) and terbium(III) trans-2-butenoate polymers, chemical formulas [{Eu-3(MeCH=CHCO2)(9)(H2O)(4)}.H2O-EtOH](n) (1) and [{Tb(MeCH=CHCO2)(3)(H2O)}.MeCH=CHCO2H](n) (2) and their dimeric 1,10-phenanthroline ...
    • Gadolinium(III) and europium(III) L-glutamates: Synthesis and characterization 

      Barja, Beatriz; Baggio, Ricardo; Calvo, Rafael; Garland, María Teresa; Perec, Mireille; Rizzi, Alberto (ELSEVIER, 2006-09-01)
      Two lanthanide(III) complexes with L-glutamate ligands [{Ln(2)(L-Glu)(2)(H2O)(8)}center dot 4(ClO4)center dot 2.5H(2)O](n) (Ln = Gd (1), Eu (2)) have been prepared and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The ...