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    • FoxO1-Dio2 signaling axis governs cardiomyocyte thyroid hormone metabolism and hypertrophic growth 

      Ferdous, Anwarul; Wang, Zhao V.; Luo, Yuxuan; Li, Dan L.; Luo, Xiang; Schiattarella, Gabriele G.; Altamirano, Francisco; May, Herman I.; Battiprolu, Pavan K.; Nguyen, Annie; Rothermel, Beverly A.; Lavandero González, Sergio; Gillette, Thomas G.; Hill, Joseph A. (Nature, 2020)
      Forkhead box O (FoxO) proteins and thyroid hormone (TH) have well established roles in cardiovascular morphogenesis and remodeling. However, specific role(s) of individual FoxO family members in stress-induced growth and ...