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    • A global stability criterion for a family of delayed population models 

      Liz, Eduardo; Pinto Jiménez, Manuel; Tkachenko, Victor; Trofimchuk, Sergei (American Mathematical Society, 2005)
      For a family of single-species delayed population models, a new global stability condition is found. This condition is sharp and can be applied in both monotone and nonmonotone cases. Moreover, the consideration of variable ...
    • Wright type delay differential equations with negative schwarzian 

      Liz, Eduardo; Pinto Jiménez, Manuel; Robledo Veloso, Gonzalo; Trofimchuk, Sergei; Tkachenko, Victor (2003)
      We prove that the well-known 3/2 stability condition established for the Wright equation (WE) still holds if the nonlinearity p(exp(-x)-1) in WE is replaced by a decreasing or unimodal smooth function f with f'(0) < 0 ...