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    • 1 alpha,5 alpha-dihydroxymanoyl oxide, a novel diterpene from Satureja gilliesii 

      Manríquez Castro, Víctor; Labbé Donoso, Cecilia; Castillo, Mariano; Wittke Günther, Oscar (MUNKSGAARD INT PUBL LTD., 1997-05-15)
      The structure of the title diterpene, C20H34O3 (8 alpha,13R-epoxylabd-14-ene-1 alpha,5 alpha-diol), exhibits a very uncommon oxidation pattern, with two axially disposed hydroxyl substituents at C1 and C5, and five tertiary ...
    • (25R)-Isonuatigenin, an unusual steroidal sapogenin from Vestia lycioides 

      Faini, Francesca; Torres, René; Castillo, Mariano (1984)
      (25R)-Isonuatigenin, a 5-spirosten-3β,25-diol, was isolated from aerial parts of Vestia lycioides. Its structure was elucidated mainly by 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectroscopy. A mixture of (25R)-nuatigenin and (25S)-isonuatigenin ...
    • A new β-carboline alkaloid from Vestia lycioides 

      Faini, Francesca; Castillo, Mariano; Torres, Rene (1978)
    • Alkaloids of Lycopodium magellanicum 

      Loyola, Luis A.; Morales, Glauco; Castillo, Mariano (1979)
      Six alkaloids have been isolated from Lycopodium magellanicum. These include the known alkaloids lycopodine, acetyldihydrolycopodine, lycodine, N-methyllycodine, acetylfawcettine and a new alkaloid, 5-dehydro-magellanine. ...
    • Costunolide and Flavonols from Gochnatia Foliosa Var. Fascicularis 

      Faini, Francesca; Castillo, Mariano; Torres, René (1984)
      As part of a systematic chemical investigation of Chilean Compositae (1-3), we examined the secondar chemistry of a member of the genus Gochnatia (tribe Mutisieae, subtribe Gochnatiinae): Gochnatia foliosa var. fscicularia ...
    • Diterpenoids from Baccharis lejía 

      Labbe, Cecilia; Castillo, Mariano; Hernandez, Margarita (1991)
      Seven new neoclerodanes have been isolated from aerial parts of Baccharis lejía. Four are dimeric diterpenoids linked via a C-18 malonate ester. Relevant toxicity toward Artemia salina (brine shrimp bioassay) was observed ...
    • Diterpenoids from Baccharis tola 

      San Martín Barrientos, Aurelio; Rovirosa, Juana; Becker, Rodolfo; Castillo, Mariano (1980)
      Erythroxylol-A, oleanolic acid, erythroxylol-A oxide, scopolatine, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxyacetophenone and two new diterpenes, ent-beyer-14-en-18-ol and 19-hydroxy-13-epimanoyl oxide, were isolated from B. tola. © 1980.
    • Diterpenoids from chilean Baccharis species 

      Labbé, Cecilia; Faini, Francesca; Castillo, Mariano (1990)
      Two new ent-labdanes were isolated from the leaves of Baccharis paniculata. The results of a chemical study of other three Baccharis species are reported. © 1990.
    • Flavonoids of Baccharis incarum 

      Faini, Francesca A.; Castillo, Mariano; Torres, M. René (1982)
    • Hybridization in the Genus Baccharis : Baccharis linearis χ B. macraei 

      Faini, Francesca; Hellwlg, Frank; Labbé, Cecilia; Castillo, Mariano (1991)
      On morphological, chemical composition and field distribution studies, the hybrid condition of Baccharis χ intermedia DC. is discussed. B. linearis (Ruiz et Pavón) Pers. and B. macraei Hook, et Arn. are the parental species. ...
    • Neo-clerodane diterpenoids and other constituents from Baccharis species 

      Faini, Francesca; Rivera, Patricio; Mahú, Manuel; Castillo, Mariano (1987)
      A new neo-clerodane dilactone, desoxyarticulin, and dihydrotucumanoic acid, together with other known compounds, were isolated from Baccharis pedicellata and Baccharis marginalis. The structures of the new compounds were ...
    • Podoandin, a molluscicidal sesquiterpene lactone from Podocarpus andina 

      Kubo, Isao; Ying, Bai Ping; Castillo, Mariano; Brinen, Linda S.; Clardy, Jon (1992)
      A novel sesquiterpene lactone, podoandin, has been isolated from the leaves of Podocarpus andina. Its structure has been established by means of spectroscopic data and confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. It exhibited ...
    • Rearranged isopimarenes and other diterpenoids from Satureja gilliesii 

      Labbé, Cecilia; Castillo, Mariano; Fainia, Francesca; Coll, Josep; Connolly, Joseph D. (1994)
      Seven new diterpenoids, a labdane, three isopimarenes and three rearranged isopimarenes, have been isolated from the flowering tops of Satureja gilliesii. Their structures are based on their spectroscopic properties and, ...
    • Spartidienedione, a new sesquiterpene with a novel carbon skeleton from Baccharis spartioides 

      Norte, Manuel; Cataldo, Fernando; Sánchez, Armando; González, Antonio G.; Cancino Rivera, Patricio Antonio; Castillo, Mariano (1993)
      Spartidienedione, a new sesquiterpene possessing a novel carbon skeleton, was isolated from the aerial part of Baccharis spartioides and its structure established by spectroscopical methods. © 1993.
    • Sulfur-substituted α-alkyl phenethylamines as selective and reversible MAO-A inhibitors: Biological activities, CoMFA analysis, and active site modeling 

      Gallardo Godoy, Alejandra; Fierro, Angélica; McLean, Thomas H.; Castillo, Mariano; Cassels Niven, Bruce; Reyes Parada, Miguel; Nichols, David E. (2005)
      A series of phenethylamine derivatives with various ring substituents and with or without N-methyl and/or C-α methyl or ethyl groups was synthesized and assayed for their ability reversibly to inhibit monoamine oxidase A ...
    • Tropane alkaloids from Schizanthus grahamii 

      San Martín Barrientos, Aurelio; Labbé, Cecilia; Muñoz, Orlando; Castillo, Mariano; Reina, Matías; De La Fuente, Gabriel; González, Antonio (1987)
      Three new tropanol dimers of mesaconic and itaconic acids and 3α-senecioyloxytropane, together with other known alkaloids, were isolated from Schizanthus grahamii. The structures of the new compounds were established by ...
    • Tropane alkaloids from Schizanthus hookeri 

      San Martín Barrientos, Aurelio; Rovirosa, Juana; Gambaro, Vicente; Castillo, Mariano (1980)
      Tropine, a pair of diastereoisomeric hygrolines and two new tropane alkaloids; 3α-senecioyloxytropan-6β-ol and 6β-angeloyloxytropan-3α-ol, were isolated from roots of Schizanthus hookeri. © 1980.