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    • The Bogdanov-Takens Normal Form: A Minimal Model for Single Neuron Dynamics 

      Pereira, Ulises; Coullet, Pierre; Tirapegui Zurbano, Enrique (MDPI AG, 2015)
      Conductance-based (CB) models are a class of high dimensional dynamical systems derived from biophysical principles to describe in detail the electrical dynamics of single neurons. Despite the high dimensionality of these ...
    • Electrical resonance in the h frequency range in olfactory amygdala neurons 

      Vera, Jorge; Pezzoli, Mauricio; Pereira, Ulises; Bacigalupo Vicuña, Juan; Sanhueza Toha, María Magdalena (PLOS One, 2014)
      The cortical amygdala receives direct olfactory inputs and is thought to participate in processing and learning of biologically relevant olfactory cues. As for other brain structures implicated in learning, the principal ...
    • Modulation of frequency preference in heterogeneous populations of theta-resonant neurons 

      Vera, Jorge; Pereira, Ulises; Reynaert, Bryan; Bacigalupo Vicuña, Juan; Sanhueza Toha, María Magdalena (Pergamon-Elsevier, 2020)
      Neurons from several brain regions resonate in the theta frequency range (4-12 Hz), displaying a higher voltage response to oscillatory currents at a preferred 'resonant' frequency (f(R)). Subthreshold resonance could ...