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    • Rodlike localized structure in isotropic pattern-forming systems 

      Bordeu, Ignacio; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel (American Physical Society, 2015)
      Stationary two-dimensional localized structures have been observed in a wide variety of dissipative systems. The existence, stability properties, dynamical evolution, and bifurcation diagram of an azimuthal symmetry breaking, ...
    • Self-Replication of Localized Vegetation Patches in Scarce Environments 

      Bordeu, Ignacio; Clerc Gavilán, Marcel; Couteron, Piere; Lefever, Rene; Tlidi, Mustapha (2016)
      Desertification due to climate change and increasing drought periods is a worldwide problem for both ecology and economy. Our ability to understand how vegetation manages to survive and propagate through arid and semiarid ...