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    • Alemtuzumab Induction in Kidney Transplantation: Clinical Results and Impact on T-Regulatory Cells 

      Morales Peña, José; Bono Merino, María Rosa; Fierro, A.; Iñiguez, R.; Zehnder, C.; Rosemblatt Silber, Mario César; Calabran, L.; Herzog, C.; Benavente, D.; Aguiló, J.; Pefaur, J.; Alba, A.; Ferrario, M.; Simon, W.; Contreras, L.; Buckel González, Erwin (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2008-11)
      Alemtuzumab (ALT), a humanized monoclonal anti-CD52 antibody, was introduced in solid organ transplantation as an induction agent. ALT associated with anticalcineurins has provided a low incidence of acute rejection ...
    • Evaluation of HLA Matchmaker Compatibility as Predictor of Graft Survival and Presence of Anti-HLA Antibodies 

      Silva, E.; Alba, A.; Castro, A.; Carrascal, M.; Buckel González, Erwin; Aguiló, J.; Herzog, C.; Calabrán, L.; Morales, J.; Fierro, J. A. (ELSEVIER, 2010)
      Background. HLA Matchmaker is a computer algorithm developed to evaluate donor/ receptor compatibility comparing sequences of polymorphic aminoacids (eplets) present in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecules. The aim ...
    • Low-dose prednisone accounts for a transient reduction on CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in renal transplant patients under triple therapy 

      Sauma Mahaluf, Daniela; Mora, J. R.; Fierro, Alberto; Morales, J.; Herzog, C.; Buckel, E.; Rosemblatt Silber, Mario César; Bono Merino, María Rosa (2002)
    • Pediatric liver transplantation experience and outcome in Chile 

      Acuña, C.; Zuleta, R.; Dalmazzo, R.; Valverde, C.; Uribe, M.; Alba, A.; Buckel, E.; Hunter, B.; González, G.; Godoy, J.; Ferrario, M.; Cavallieri, S.; Campos, M.; Pizarro, F.; Wash, A.; Ferrón, S.; Díaz, V.; Macho, L.; Herzog, C.; Calabrán, L.; Flores, L.; Soto, P.; Heine, C.; (2013)
      Introduction In 1994 our group began its experience with pediatric liver transplantation. The experience gained during this period is the largest in the country, positioning the Hospital Luis Calvo Mackenna and Clinica Las ...