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    • Advances in Fetal and Neonatal Physiology 

      Giussani, Dino A.; Niu, Youguo; Herrera Videla, Emilio; Richter, Hans G.; Camm, Emily J.; Thakor, Avnesh S.; Kane, Andrew D.; Hansell, Jeremy A.; Brain, Kirsty L.; Skeffington, Katie L.; Itani, Nozomi; Wooding, F. B. Peter; Cross, Christine M.; Allison, Beth J. (Springer, 2014)
      The quality of the intrauterine environment interacts with our genetic makeup to shape the risk of developing disease in later life. Fetal chronic hypoxia is a common complication of pregnancy. This chapter reviews how ...
    • Developmental programming of cardiovascular dysfunction by prenatal hypoxia and oxidative stress 

      Giussani, Dino A.; Camm, Emily J.; Niu, Youguo; Richter, Hans G.; Blanco, Carlos E.; Gottschalk, Rachel; Blake, E. Zachary; Horder, Katy A.; Thakor, Avnesh S.; Hansell, Jeremy A.; Kane, Andrew D.; Wooding, F. B.Peter; Cross, Christine M.; Herrera, Emilio A. (2012)
      Fetal hypoxia is a common complication of pregnancy. It has been shown to programme cardiac and endothelial dysfunction in the offspring in adult life. However, the mechanisms via which this occurs remain elusive, precluding ...
    • Induction of controlled hypoxic pregnancy in large mammalian species 

      Brain, Kirsty L.; Allison, Beth J.; Niu, Youguo; Cross, Christine M.; Itani, Nozomi; Kane, Andrew D.; Herrera, Emilio A.; Giussani, Dino A. (American Physiological Society, 2015)
      © 2015 The Authors. Progress in the study of pregnancy complicated by chronic hypoxia in large mammals has been held back by the inability to measure long-term significant reductions in fetal oxygenation at values similar ...
    • Weak cardiovascular defence to hypotensive stress in the chronically hypoxic fetus 

      Allison, Beth J.; Brain, Kirsty L.; Niu, Youguo; Kane, Andrew D.; Herrera Videla, Emilio; Botting, Kimberley J.; Cross, Christine M.; Itani, Nozomi; Skeffington, Katie L.; Giussani, Dino A. (Sage Pubications INC, 2018)