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    • Absence of Y chromosome microdeletions in patients with cryptorchidism and hypospadias 

      Castro, Andrea; Codner Dujovne, Ethel; Kaune, Heidy; López, Patricia; Vantman, David; Cassorla Goluboff, Fernando (Freund Publishing House Ltd, 2004)
      Microdeletions of the Y chromosome have been observed in some patients with cryptorchidism and severe defects of spermatogenesis. We investigated whether microdeletions of the Y chromosome may be present in patients with ...
    • Maternal-fetal unit interactions and eutherian neocortical development and evolution 

      Montiel, Juan F.; Kaune, Heidy; Maliqueo Yevilao, Manuel (Frontiers Research Foundations, 2013-07)
      The conserved brain design that primates inherited from early mammals differs from the variable adult brain size and species-specific brain dominances observed across mammals. This variability relies on the emergence of ...