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    • Chemistry of the High-mass Protostellar Molecular Clump IRAS 16562-3959 

      Guzmán, Andrés; Guzmán, Viviana; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Bronfman Aguiló, Leonardo; Hechenleitner, Federico (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2018)
      We present molecular line observations of the high-mass molecular clump IRAS 16562−3959 taken at 3 mm using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) at 1. 007 angular resolution (0.014 pc spatial resolution). ...
    • Far-Infrared Dust Temperatures and Column Densities of the MALT90 Molecular Clump Sample 

      Guzmán, Andrés E.; Sanhueza, Patricio; Contreras, Yanett; Smith, Howard A.; Jackson, James M.; Hoq, Sadia; Rathborne, Jill (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      We present dust column densities and dust temperatures for similar to 3000 young, high-mass molecular clumps from the Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz survey, derived from adjusting single-temperature dust emission ...
    • A hot molecular outflow driven by the ionized jet associated with IRAS 16562-3959 

      Guzmán, Andrés; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Brooks, Kate J.; Rathborne, Jill; Güsten, Rolf (The American Astronomical Society, 2011-08-01)
      We report molecular line observations in the CO J = 3→2, 6→5, and 7→6 transitions, made using the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment Telescope, toward the massive and dense core IRAS 16562−3959. This core harbors a string of ...
    • Infall signatures in a prestellar core embedded in the high-mass 70 mu m Dark IRDC G331.372-00.116 

      Contreras, Yanett; Sanhueza, Patricio; Jackson, James M.; Guzmán, Andrés E.; Longmore, Steven; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Zhang, Qizhou; Quang, Nguyen-Lu'o'Ng; Tatematsu, Ken'ichi; Nakamura, Fumitaka; Sakai, Takeshi; Ohashi, Satoshi; Liu, Tie; Saito, Masao; Gómez, Laura; Rathborne, Jill; Whitaker, Scott (IOP Publishing, 2018-07)
      Using Galactic Plane surveys, we have selected a massive (1200M circle dot), cold (14 K) 3.6-70 mu m dark IRDC, G331.372-00.116. This infrared dark cloud (IRDC) has the potential to form high-mass stars, and given the ...
    • Molecular line emission as a tool for galaxy observations (LEGO). I. HCN as a tracer of moderate gas densities in molecular clouds and galaxies 

      Kauffmann, Jens; Goldsmith, Paul F.; Melnick, Gary; Tolls, Volker; Guzmán, Andrés; Menten, Karl M. (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Trends observed in galaxies, such as the Gao & Solomon relation, suggest a linear relationship between the star formation rate and the mass of dense gas available for star formation. Validation of such trends requires the ...
    • A protostellar jet emanating from a hypercompact H II region 

      Guzmán, Andrés E.; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Rodríguez, Luis F.; Contreras, Yanett; Dougados, Catherine; Cabrit, Sylvie (The American Astronomical Society, 2016)
      We present radio continuum observations of the high-mass young stellar object (HMYSO) G345.4938+01.4677 obtained using the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) at 5, 9, 17, and 19 GHz. These observations provide ...
    • Search for ionized jets toward high-mass young stellar objects: Erratum 

      Guzmán, Andrés; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Brooks, Kate J.; Voronkov, Maxim A. (The American Astronomical Society., 2014-01-20)
    • A string of radio emission associated with IRAS 16562-3959: a collimated jet emanating from a luminous massive young stellar object 

      Guzmán, Andrés; Garay Brignardello, Guido; Brooks, Kate J. (The American Astronomical Society, 2010-12-10)
      We report the discovery, made using the Australia Telescope Compact Array, of a remarkable string of radio emission toward IRAS 16562−3959, a luminous infrared source with a bolometric luminosity of 7.0×104 L . The ...