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    • Discovery and spectroscopy of the young jovian planet 51 Eri b with the Gemini Planet Imager 

      Macintosh, B.; Graham, J. R.; Barman, T.; Rosa, R. De; Konopacky, Q.; Marley, M.; Marois, C.; Nielsen, E.; Pueyo, L.; Rajan, A.; Rameau, J.; Saumon, D.; Wang, J.; Patience, J.; Ammons, M.; Arriaga, P.; Artigau, E.; Beckwith, S.; Brewster, J.; Bruzzone, S.; Bulger, J.; Burningham, B.; Burrows, A.; Chen, C.; Chiang, E.; Chilcote, J. K.; Dawson, R.; Dong, R.; Doyon, R.; Draper, Z.; Duchêne, G.; Esposito, T.; Fabrycky, Daniel; Fitzgerald, M.; Follette, K.; Fortney, J.; Gerard, B.; Goodsell, S.; Greenbaum, A.; Hibon, P.; Hinkley, S.; Cotten, T.; Hung, L.; Ingraham, P.; Johnson-Groh, M.; Kalas, P.; Lafreniere, D.; Larkin, J.; Lee, J.; Line, M.; Long, D.; Maire, J.; Marchis, F.; Matthews, B.; Max, C.; Metchev, S.; Millar-Blanchaer, M.; Mittal, T.; Morley, C.; Morzinski, K.; Murray, R.; Oppenheimer, R.; Palmer, D.; Patel, R.; Perrin, M.; Poyneer, L.; Rafikov, R.; Rantakyrö, F.; Rice, E.; Rojo Rubke, Patricio; Rudy, A.; Ruffio, J.; Ruiz González, María Teresa; Sadakuni, N.; Saddlemyer, L.; Salama, M.; Savransky, D.; Schneider, A.; Sivaramakrishnan, A.; Song, I.; Soummer, R.; Thomas, S.; Vasisht, G.; Wallace, J.; Ward, K.; Wiktorowicz, S.; Wolff, S.; Zuckerman, B. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2015-10-02)
      Directly detecting thermal emission from young extrasolar planets allows measurement of their atmospheric compositions and luminosities, which are influenced by their formation mechanisms. Using the Gemini Planet Imager, ...
    • Erratum: “The Herschel inventory of the agents of galaxy evolution (Heritage) in The Magellanic Clouds, a Herschel Open Time Key Program” (2013, aj, 146, 62) 

      Meixner, M.; Panuzzo, P.; Roman Duval, J.; Engelbracht, C.; Babler, B.; Seale, J.; Hony, S.; Montiel, E.; Sauvage, M.; Gordon, K.; Misselt, K.; Okumura, K.; Chanial, P.; Beck, T.; Bernard, J.; Bolatto, A.; Bot, C.; Boyer, M.; Carlson, L.; Clayton, G.; Chen, C.; Cormier, D.; Fukui, Y.; Galametz, M.; Galliano, F.; Hora, J.; Hughes, A.; Indebetouw, R.; Israel, F.; Kawamura, A.; Kemper, F.; Kim, S.; Kwon, E.; Lebouteiller, V.; Li, A.; Long, K.; Madden, S.; Matsuura, M.; Muller, E.; Oliveira, J.; Onishi, T.; Otsuka, M.; Paradis, D.; Poglitsch, A.; Reach, W.; Robitaille, T.; Rubio López, Mónica; Sargent, B.; Sewilo, M.; Skibba, R.; Smith, L.; Srinivasan, S.; Tielens, A.; van Loon, J.; Whitney, B. (IOP PUBLISHING, 2015)
    • Star formation rates from young-star counts and the structure of the ISM across the NGC 346/N66 complex in the SMC 

      Hony, S.; Gouliermis, D.; Galliano, F.; Galametz, M.; Cormier, D.; Chen, C.; Dib, S.; Hughes, A.; Klessen, R.; Roman Duval, J.; Smith, L.; Bernard, J.; Bot, C.; Carlson, L.; Gordon, K.; Indebetouw, R.; Lebouteiller, V.; Lee, M.; Madden, S.; Meixner, M.; Oliveira, J.; Rubio López, Mónica; Sauvage, M.; Wu, R. (Oxford Univ Press, 2015)
      The rate at which interstellar gas is converted into stars, and its dependence on environment, is one of the pillars on which our understanding of the visible Universe is build. We present a comparison of the surface density ...