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    • ADAR1 Transcriptome editing promotes breast cancer progression through the regulation of cell cycle and DNA damage response 

      Sagredo, Eduardo A.; Sagredo, Alfredo I.; Blanco, Alejandro; Rojas De Santiago, Pamela; Rivas, Solange; Assar Cuevas, Rodrigo; Pérez, Paola; Marcelain Cubillos, Katherine; Armisen Yáñez, Ricardo (Elsevier, 2020)
      RNA editing has emerged as a novel mechanism in cancer progression. The double stranded RNA-specific adenosine deaminase (ADAR) modifies the expression of an important proportion of genes involved in cell cycle control, ...
    • Hypoxia promotes Rab5 activation, leading to tumor cell migration, invasion and metastasis 

      Silva, Patricio; Mendoza, Pablo; Rivas, Solange; Díaz, Jorge; Moraga, Carolina; Quest, Andrew F. G.; Torres, V. A. (Oncotarget, 2016)
      Hypoxia, a common condition of the tumor microenvironment, is associated with poor patient prognosis, tumor cell migration, invasion and metastasis. Recent evidence suggests that hypoxia alters endosome dynamics in tumor ...
    • The Ski Protein is Involved in the Transformation Pathway of Aurora Kinase A 

      Rivas, Solange; Armisen Yáñez, Ricardo; Rojas, Diego A.; Maldonado Maldonado, Edio; Huerta, Hernán; Tapia, Julio C.; Espinoza, Jaime; Colombo, Alicia; Michea Acevedo, Luis; Hayman, Michael J.; Marcelain Cubillos, Katherine (Wiley & Sons, 2016)
      Oncogenic kinase Aurora A (AURKA) has been found to be overexpresed in several tumors including colorectal, breast, and hematological cancers. Overexpression of AURKA induces centrosome amplification and aneuploidy and it ...