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    • Characterization of micelles formed by sucrose 6-O-monoesters 

      Becerra, N.; Toro, C.; Zanocco Loyola, Antonio; Lemp Miranda, Else; Günther Sapunar, Germán (ELSEVIER, 2008-09-15)
      In the present study we synthesized and purified several 6-O-sucrose monoesters by using classical synthetic methods and stereo-regioselective procedures. The compounds have different alkyl chain lengths, with the number ...
    • Isolation and molecular characterization of quinolone resistant Salmonella spp. from poultry farms 

      San Martín, B.; Lapierre Acevedo, Lisette; Toro, C.; Bravo, V.; Cornejo, J.; Hormazábal, Juan Carlos; Borie Polanco, Consuelo (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2005-10-31)
      The antimicrobial susceptibility of 94 Salmonella strains isolated from different poultry farms in Chile (broiler and laggin hens) were analyzed by the dilution plates method. Thirty-nine of them were resistant to flumequine, ...
    • Solubilization of lipid bilayers by myristyl sucrose ester: effect of cholesterol and phospholipid head group size 

      Toro, C.; Sánchez, S. A.; Zanocco Loyola, Antonio; Lemp Miranda, Else; Gratton, E.; Gunthera, G. (Elsevier, 2009-02)
      The solubilization of biological membranes by detergents has been used as amajor method for the isolation and purification of membrane proteins and other constituents. Considerable interest in this field has resulted ...