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    • Synthesis of nanostructured porous silica coatings on titanium and their cell adhesive and osteogenic differentiation properties 

      Inzunza Araya, Débora Alejandra; Covarrubias Gallardo, Cristián; Von Marttens, Alfredo; Leighton, Yerko; Carvajal, Juan Carlos; Valenzuela, Francisco; Díaz Dosque, Mario; Méndez, Nicolás; Martínez, Constanza; Pino, Ana María; Rodríguez, Juan Pablo; Cáceres, Mónica; Smith, Patricio (Wiley, 2014)
      Nanostructured porous silica coatings were synthesized on titanium by the combined sol–gel and evaporationinduced self-assembly process. The silica-coating structures were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission ...