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    • On the Source of the Dust Extinction in Type Ia Supernovae and the Discovery of Anomalously Strong Na I Absorption 

      Phillips, M. M.; Simon, Joshua D.; Morrell, Nidia; Burns, Christopher R.; Cox, Nick; Foley, Ryan J.; Karakas, Amanda; Patat, F.; Sternberg, A.; Williams, R.; Gal Yam, Avishay; Hsiao, Eric; Leonard, D.; Persson, Sven; Stritzinger, Maximilian; Thompson, I.; Campillay, Abdo; Contreras, Carlos; Folatelli, Gastón; Freedman, Wendy L.; Hamuy Wackenhut, Mario; Roth, Miguel; Shields, Gregory; Suntzeff, Nicholas B.; Chomiuk, Laura; Ivans, Inese; Madore, Barry; Penprase, B.; Perley, Daniel; Pignata Libralato, Giuliano; Preston, G.; Soderberg, Alicia (The American Astronomical Society, 2013-11-10)
      High-dispersion observations of the Na i D λλ5890, 5896 and K i λλ7665, 7699 interstellar lines, and the diffuse interstellar band at 5780 Å in the spectra of 32 Type Ia supernovae are used as an independent means of ...
    • Psychiatric morbidity in primary health care in Santiago, Chile. Preliminary findings 

      Araya Araya, Fernando; Wynn,; Leonard,; Lewis, (1994)
      Background. The aims were to determine the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among primary care attenders in a poor suburb of Santiago and to study the relationship with health service use. Method. A cross-sectional ...