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    • Holocene tephrochronology around Cochrane (~47° S), southern Chile 

      Stern, Charles R.; Moreno Moncada, Patricio; Henríquez, William I.; Villa Martínez, Rodrigo; Sagredo, Esteban; Aravena, Juan C.; Pol-Holz, Ricardo de (Andean Geology, 2016)
      Two Holocene tephras encountered in outcrops, cores and trenches in bogs, and lake cores in the area around Cochrane, southern Chile, are identified (based on their age, tephra glass color and morphology, mineralogy, and ...
    • Stratigraphy, age and correlation of Lepue Tephra: a widespread c. 11 000 cal a BP marker horizon sourced from the Chaitén sector of southern Chile 

      Alloway, Brent V.; Moreno Moncada, Patricio; Pearce, Nick J. G.; De Pol-Holz, Ricardo; Henríquez, William I.; Pesce, Oscar H.; Sagredo, Esteban; Villarosa, Gustavo; Outes, Valeria (Wiley, 2017)
      We describe the stratigraphy, age and correlation of a prominent tephra marker, named Lepue Tephra, extensively distributed in north-western Patagonia. Lepue Tephra is well dated at c. 11 000 cal a BP from numerous lake ...
    • The deglaciation of the Americas during the Last Glacial Termination 

      Palacios, David; Stokes, Chris R.; Phillips, Fred M.; Clague, John J.; Alcalá Reygosa, Jesús; Andrés, Nuria; Ángel, Isandra; Blard, Pierre Henri; Briner, Jason P.; Hall, Brenda L.; Dahms, Dennis; Hein, Andrew S.; Jomelli, Vincent; Mark, Bryan G.; Martini, Mateo; Moreno Moncada, Patricio; Riedel, Jon; Sagredo, Esteban; Stansell, Nathan D.; Vázquez Selem, Lorenzo; Vuille, Mathias; Ward, Dylan J. (Elsevier, 2020)
      This paper reviews current understanding of deglaciation in North, Central and South America from the Last Glacial Maximum to the beginning of the Holocene. Together with paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic data, we compare ...