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    • Characterization of palo podrido, an natural process of delignification in wood 

      Agosin,; Blanchette,; Silva Silva, Laura; Lapierre,; Cease,; Ibach,; Abad,; Muga, (1990)
      Chemical and morphological changes of incipient to advanced stages of palo podrido, an extensively delignified wood, and other types of white rot decay found in the temperate forests of southern Chile were investigated. ...
    • Towards establishing MS prevalence in Latin America and the CaribbeanTowards establishing MS prevalence in Latin America and the Caribbean 

      Melcon, M. O.; Melcon, C. M.; Bartoloni, L.; Cristiano, E.; Durán, J. C.; Grzesiuk, A. K.; Fragoso, Y. D.; Bidin Brooks, J. B.; Díaz Tapia, Violeta; Romero García, K. M.; Cabrera Gómez, J. A.; Abad, P.; Macías Islas, M. A.; Gracia, F.; Hamuy Díaz de Bedoya, V. F.; Córdova Ruiz, M. E.; Hackembruch, J. H.; Oehninger, C.; Ketzoian, C. N.; Soto, A. (SAGE, 2013)
      A very high prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) has been reported in some Western European and North American countries. The few surveys of MS epidemiology in South America reveal lower prevalence rates, implying that ...