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    • Histamine and motivation 

      Torrealba, Fernando; Riveros, Maria E.; Contreras, Marco; Valdes, Jose L. (2012)
      Brain histamine may affect a variety of different behavioral and physiological functions; however, its role in promoting wakefulness has overshadowed its other important functions. Here, we review evidence indicating that ...
    • The Histaminergic Tuberomamillary Nucleus Is Involved in Appetite for Sex, Water and Amphetamine 

      Contreras, Marco; Riveros, Maria E.; Quispe, Maricel; Aedo Sánchez, Cristian; Perdomo, Guayec; Torrealba, Fernando; Valdés, José L. (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2016)
      The histaminergic system is one component of the ascending arousal system which is involved in wakefulness, neuroendocrine control, cognition, psychiatric disorders and motivation. During the appetitive phase of motivated ...