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    • Growth-phase regulation of lipopolysaccharide O-antigen chain length influences serum resistance in serovars of Salmonella 

      Bravo Rodríguez, Denisse; Silva Valenzuela, Cecilia Alejandra; Carter Jaña, Javier Antonio; Hoare Teuche, Anilei Paz; Álvarez Armijo, Sergio Aníbal; Blondel, Carlos; Zaldívar San Román, María Mercedes; Valvano, Miguel A.; Contreras, Inés (SOC GENERAL MICROBIOLOGYJournal Of Medical Microbiology, vol. 57 Issue 8 p. 938-946 AUG 2008, 2008-08)
      The amount of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) O antigen (OAg) and its chain length distribution are important factors that protect bacteria from serum complement. Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi produces LPS with long chain ...
    • The Porphyromonas gingivalis O antigen is required for inhibition of apoptosis in gingival epithelial cells following bacterial infection 

      Soto, Cristopher; Bugueño Valdebenito, Isaac; Hoare Teuche, Anilei; González, S.; Vengas Díaz, Darna; Melgar Rodríguez, Samanta; Vernal Astudillo, Rolando; Gamonal Aravena, Jorge Antonio; Quest, Andrew F. G.; Pérez Donoso, José; Bravo Rodríguez, Denisse (Wiley Blackwell, 2016)
      Background and ObjectivePorphyromonas gingivalis infection induces apoptosis inhibition in gingival epithelial cells; however, it is not fully understood which bacterial effectors are involved in this process. The aim of ...
    • The Salivary Mycobiome contains 2 ecologically distinct Mycotypes 

      Hong, H. Y.; Hoare Teuche, Anilei; Cardenas, A.; Dupuy, A. K.; Choquette, L.; Salner, A. L.; Schauer, P. K.; Hegde, U.; Peterson, D. E.; Dongari-Bagtzoglou, A.; Strausbaugh, L. D.; DÍaz, P. I. (SAGE, 2020)
      A broad range of fungi has been detected in molecular surveys of the oral mycobiome. However, knowledge is still lacking on interindividual variability of these communities and the ecologic and clinical significance of ...