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    • Accurately determining accuracy 

      Aliste Muñoz, Julián; Bravo Advis, Daniela; Layera Ramos, Sebastián (Edizioni Minerva Medica, 2020)
    • Diaphragm-sparing nerve blocks for shoulder surgery, revisited 

      De Q., Tran; Layera Ramos, Sebastián; Bravo Advis, Daniela; Cristi Sánchez, Iver; Bermúdez, Loreley; Aliste Muñoz, Julián (BMJ Publishing Group, 2020)
      Although interscalene brachial plexus block (ISB) remains the gold standard for analgesia after shoulder surgery, the inherent risks of ipsilateral phrenic nerve block and hemidiaphragmatic paralysis (HDP) limit its use ...
    • Regional anesthesia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a time to reconsider practices? (Letter #2) 

      Aliste Muñoz, Julián; Altermatt, Fernando R.; Atton, Rous; Bravo, Daneila; Layera Ramos, Sebastián; Miranda, Pablo; Pesce, Italo (Springer, 2020)
      Correspondence - This letter is accompanied by a reply. Please see Can J Anesth 2020; this issue.
    • Single- versus double-injection costoclavicular block: a randomized comparison 

      Layera Ramos, Sebastián; Aliste Muñoz, Julián; Bravo Advis, Daniela; Fernández Mujica, Diego; García, Armando; Finlayson, Roderick; Tran, D. Q. (BMJ, 2020)
      Background The costoclavicular approach targets the brachial plexus in the proximal infraclavicular fossa, where the lateral, medial, and posterior cords are tightly bundled together. This randomized trial compared single- ...