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    • A MAC Protocol to Support Monitoring of Underwater Spaces 

      Santos, Rodrigo; Orozco, Javier; Ochoa Delorenzi, Sergio; Meseguer, Roc; Eggly, Gabriel; Pistonesi, Marcelo F. (MDPI AG, 2016)
      Underwater sensor networks are becoming an important field of research, because of their everyday increasing application scope. Examples of their application areas are environmental and pollution monitoring (mainly oil ...
    • Real time communication support for underwater acoustic sensor networks 

      Santos, Rodrigo; Orozco, Javier; Micheletto, Matias; Ochoa Delorenzi, Sergio; Meseguer, Roc; Millan, Pere; Molina, Carlos (MDPI, 2017)
      Underwater sensor networks represent an important and promising field of research due to the large diversity of underwater ubiquitous applications that can be supported by these networks, e.g., systems that deliver tsunami ...