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    • Application of minimal important differences in degenerative knee disease outcomes: a systematic review and case study to inform BMJ Rapid Recommendations 

      Devji, Tahira; Guyatt, Gordon H.; Lytvyn, Lyubov; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Foroutan, Farid; Sadeghirad, Behnam; Buchbinder, Rachelle; Poolman, Rudolf W.; Harris, Ian A.; Carrasco Labra, Alonso; Siemieniuk, Reed A. C.; Vandvik, Per O. (BMJ Publishing, 2017)
      Objectives: To identify the most credible anchor-based minimal important differences (MIDs) for patient important outcomes in patients with degenerative knee disease, and to inform BMJ Rapid Recommendations for arthroscopic ...
    • Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee arthritis and meniscal tears: a clinical practice guideline 

      Siemieniuk, Reed A. C.; Harris, Ian A.; Agoritsas, Thomas; Poolman, Rudolf W.; Brignardello Petersen, Romina; Van de Velde, Stijn; Buchbinder, Rachelle; Englund, Martin; Lytvyn, Lyubov; Quinlan, Casey; Helsingen, Lise; Knutsen, Gunnar; Rydland Olsen, Nina; Macdonald, Helen; Hailey, Louise; Wilson, Hazel M.; Lydiatt, Anne; Kristiansen, Annette (BMJ Publishing Group, 2017)
      What is the role of arthroscopic surgery in degenerative knee disease? An expert panel produced these recommendations based on a linked systematic review triggered by a randomised trial published in The BMJ in June 2016, ...