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    • Recent changes in total ice volume on Volcán Villarrica, Southern Chile 

      Rivera Ibáñez, Sergio; Zamora, Rodrigo; Uribe, José; Wendt, Anja; Oberreuter, Jonathan; Cisternas, Sebastián; Gimeno, Fernando; Clavero, Jorge (Springer, 2015)
      Results obtained by the first intensive airborne surveys carried out at Volca´n Villarrica (39 S) in Southern Chile, are presented. These campaigns included the use of a scanner laser system, for detecting the glacier ...
    • Subglacial Lake CECs: Discovery and in situ survey of a privileged research site in West Antarctica 

      Rivera Ibáñez, Andrés; Uribe, José; Zamora, Rodrigo; Oberreuter, Jonathan (AGU, 2015)
      We report the discovery and on-the-ground radar mapping of a subglacial lake in Antarctica, that we have named Lake CECs (Centro de Estudios Cientificos) in honor of the institute we belong to. It is located in the central ...