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    • Antimicrobial Diterpenes from Azorella Species Against Gram-Positive Bacteria 

      Donoso, Viviana; Bacho, Mitchell; Núñez, Solange; Rovirosa, Juana; San Martín Barrientos, Aurelio; Leiva, Sergio (Natural Products, 2015)
      The present study was aimed at evaluating the antibacterial activity of mulinane and azorellane diterpenes isolated from the Andean plants Azorella compacta and A. trifoliolata and semisynthetic derivatives against ...
    • Molecular docking studies of the antitumoral activity and characterization of new chalcone 

      San Martín Barrientos, Aurelio; Donoso, Viviana; Leiva, Sergio; Bacho, Mitchell; Núñez, Solange; Gutierrez, Margarita; Rovirosa, Juana; Bailón-Moscoso, Natalia; Camacho, Sandra Cuenca; Aviles, Omar Malagón; Cazar, María Elena (Bentham Science Publishers B.V., 2015)
      © 2015, Bentham Science Publishers.Phytochemical investigation of Azorella madreporica led to the isolation of four known compounds and an unknown chalcone. The structure of the new compound was identified by spectroscopy, ...