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    • Megacities and large urban agglomerations in the coastal zone: Interactions between atmosphere, land, and marine ecosystems 

      Von Glasow, Roland; Jickells, Tim D.; Baklanov, Alexander; Carmichael, Gregory R.; Church, Tom M.; Gallardo Klenner, Laura; Hughes, Claire; Kanakidou, Maria; Liss, Peter S.; Mee, Laurence; Raine, Robin; Ramachandran, Purvaja; Ramesh, R.; Sundseth, Kyrre; Tsunogai, Urumu; Uemats (2013)
      Megacities are not only important drivers for socio-economic development but also sources of environmental challenges. Many megacities and large urban agglomerations are located in the coastal zone where land, atmosphere, ...