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    • Bacterial tubulins A and B exhibit polarized growth, mixed-polarity bundling, and destabilization by GTP hydrolysis 

      Díaz Celis, Cesar; Risca, Viviana I.; González Hurtado, Felipe Adolfo; Polka, Jessica K.; Hansen, Scott D; Maturana, Daniel; Lagos Mónaco, Rosalba; Mullins, R. Dyche; Monasterio Opazo, Octavio (American Society for Microbiology, 2017)
      Bacteria of the genus Prosthecobacter express homologs of eukaryotic alpha- and beta-tubulin, called BtubA and BtubB (BtubA/B), that have been observed to assemble into filaments in the presence of GTP. BtubA/B polymers ...