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    • Exoenzymes and metabolites related to the nematicidal effect of rhizobacteria on Xiphinema index Thorne & Allen 

      Castañeda Álvarez, C.; Prodan, Simona; Rosales, I. M.; Aballay Espinoza, Erwin (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      AimsTo identify enzymes and metabolites in the rhizobacteria filtrates that have a nematicidal effect on Xiphinema index and perform molecular characterization of the strains evaluated. Methods and ResultsA series of ...
    • Genetic diversity of the movement and coat protein genes of South American isolates of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus 

      Fiore, Nicola; Fajardo, Thor V. M.; Prodan, Simona; Herranz, María Carmen; Aparicio, Frederic; Montealegre Andrade, Jaime; Elena, Santiago F.; Pallás, Vicente; Sánchez Navarro, Jesús (SPRINGER WIEN, 2008-05)
      Prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV) is distributed worldwide, but no molecular data have been previously reported from South American isolates. The nucleotide sequences corresponding to the movement (MP) and coat (CP) ...
    • Survey of Grapevine viruses in Chile 

      Fiore, Nicola; Prodan, Simona; Montealegre Andrade, Jaime; Aballay Espinoza, Erwin; Pino, A. M.; Zamorano, A. (EDIZIONI ETS, 2008-03)
      Grapevines from six Chilean regions were surveyed for virus diseases and tested for the presence of the most important viruses. ELISA testing of 2535 samples and confirmatory RT-PCR of some ELISA-negative samples from ...