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    • Floral scent: From sensorial to instrumental evaluation 

      Aros Orellana, Danilo; Garrido, N.; Suazo, M.; Medel Marabolí, Marcela; Úbeda, C. (International Society for Horticultural Science, 2017)
      Floral scent plays a crucial role in the interactions between plants and their environment, and is composed of several to many volatile compounds. From the aesthetic point of view, floral scent is one of the characters ...
    • Influence of maturity and vineyard location on free and bound aroma compounds of grapes from the País Cultivar 

      Úbeda, C.; Gil i Cortiella, M.; Barrio Galán, R. Del; Peña Neira, Álvaro (South African Soc Enology and Viticulture-Sasev, 2017)
      Some of the volatile compounds present in grapes give wine is its unique and genuine characteristics. “Terroir” and berry maturity are considered to be the main influences on the expression of these characteristics. This ...