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    • Long-term non-invasive and continuous measurements of legume nodule activity 

      Cabezas Pérez, Ricardo; Liese, Rebecca; Fischinger, Stephanie; Sulieman, Saad; Avenhaus, Ulrike; Lingner, Annika; Hein, Hans; Koester, Beke; Baumgarten, Vanessa; Dittert, Klaus; Schulze, Joachim (Wiley, 2015)
      Symbiotic nitrogen fixation is a process of considerable economic, ecological and scientific interest. The central enzyme nitrogenase reduces H+ alongside N2, and the evolving H2 allows a continuous and non-invasive in ...
    • Short-Term Molecular Acclimation Processes of Legume Nodules to Increased External Oxygen Concentration 

      Avenhaus, Ulrike; Cabeza Pérez, Ricardo; Liese, Rebecca; Lingner, Annika; Dittert, Klaus; Salinas Riester, Gabriela; Pommerenke, Claudia; Schulze, Joachim (Frontiers Media January 2016 |Volume 6 | Article 1133, 2016)
      Nitrogenase is an oxygen labile enzyme. Microaerobic conditions within the infected zone of nodules are maintained primarily by an oxygen diffusion barrier (ODB) located in the nodule cortex. Flexibility of the ODB is ...