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    • Bioactive gibberellins show differential abundance at key phenological stages for berry growth in table grapes 

      Ravest, Gonzalo; Mamani, Maribel; Giacomelli, Lisa; Moser, Claudio; Pastenes Villarreal, Claudio; Hinrichsen Ramírez, Patricio (American Society Enology Viticulture, 2017)
      Berry size is an important trait for table grape production and is affected by complex physiological and biochemical events that occur from anthesis to ripening. Gibberellins (GAs) play a crucial role in the regulation of ...
    • New Stable QTLs for Berry Firmness in Table Grapes 

      Correa, José; Mamani, Maribel; Muñoz Espinoza, Claudia; González Agüero, Mauricio; Defilippi, Bruno G.; Campos Vargas, Reinaldo; Pinto, Manuel; Hinrichsen, Patricio (American Society for Enology and Viticulture, 2016-04)
      Berry firmness is one of the most important quality traits in table grape production and, consequently, a key aspect for table grape breeding programs. To identify the genes determining the berry firmness in grapes, a ...