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    • Effectiveness of fibers from “Cabernet Sauvignon” (vitis vinifera) pomace as fining agents for red wines 

      Gil, Mariona; Del Barrio Galán, Rubén; Ubeda, Cristina; Peña Neira, Álvaro (Wiley, 2018)
      Recent findings have highlighted the potential of fibers from grape cell wall material to be fining agents for red wines as alternatives to animal-derived proteins. The affinity of those fibers for grape proanthocyanidins ...
    • Location effects on the aromatic composition of Monovarietal cv. Carignan wines 

      Ubeda, Cristina; Barrio Galan, Rubén del; Peña Neira, Álvaro; Medel Maraboli, Marcela; Duran Guerrero, Enrique (American Society Enology Viticulture, 2017)
      The aromatic profile of monovarietal Carignan wine has been characterized, and the influence of the geographic origin of the wine on the volatile composition wines from six different zones of Chile and from two different ...
    • Water stress and ripeness effects on the volatile composition of Cabernet Sauvignon wines 

      Talaverano, Inmaculada; Ubeda, Cristina; Cáceres Mella, Alejandro; Valdés, María Esperanza; Pastenes Villarreal, Claudio; Peña Neira, Álvaro (Wiley, 2018)
      BACKGROUNDControlled water deficits affect grape berry physiology and the resulting wines, with volatile composition being the one of the affected parameters. However, there is a potential disconnect between aromatic ...