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    • A model for canning peach crop value using a software for dynamic modeling 

      Reginato Meza, Gabino; Pinto, C.; Infante Espiñeira, Rodrigo (International Society for Horticultural Science, 2017)
      In order to optimize fruit thinning of canning peaches, considering yield and pulp fraction or canned fruit as a function of crop load, a model to estimate crop value was built using the software Stella®. Since crop value ...
    • Effect of different cutting heights of mechanically pruned grapevines cv. merlot over three consecutive seasons 

      Peppi Aronowsky, María Cecilia; Kania Kuhl, Erika; Talep, R.; Castro, P.; Reginato Meza, Gabino (South African Soc Enology and Viticulture-Sasev, 2017)
      The mechanisation of various vineyard operations reduces production costs and labour requirements, thus allowing for the more efficient management of larger vineyards. However, pruning mechanisation has been associated ...
    • Quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) grown in aquaponic and hydroponic systems 

      Alcarraz, E.; Flores, M.; Tapia, M. L.; Bustamante, A.; Wacyk, J.; Escalona Contreras, Víctor (International Society for Horticultural Science, 2018)
      Aquaponics is the integration of aquaculture and hydroponic systems where, in general terms, the waste produced by aquatic organisms becomes nutrients through bacterial action for plant growth. Water consumption as well ...