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    • BUDHIES – III: the fate of HI and the quenching of galaxies in evolving environments 

      Jaffé, Yara L.; Verheijen, Marc A. W.; Haines, Chris; Yoon, Hyein; Cybulski, Ryan; Montero Castaño, María; Smith, Rory; Chung, Aeree; Deshev, Boris Z.; Fernández, Ximena; van Gorkom, Jacqueline; Poggianti, Bianca M.; Yun, Min S.; Finoguenov, Alexis; Smith, Graham P.; Okabe, Nobuhiro (Oxford Univ Press, 2016)
      In a hierarchical Universe clusters grow via the accretion of galaxies from the field, groups and even other clusters. As this happens, galaxies can lose and/or consume their gas reservoirs via different mechanisms, ...
    • Early Science with the Large Millimeter Telescope: COOL BUDHIES I - a pilot study of molecular and atomic gas at z similar or equal to 0.2 

      Cybulski, Ryan; Yun, Min S.; Erickson, Neal; De la Luz, Victor; Narayanan, Gopal; Montaña, Alfredo; Sánchez, David; Zavala, Jorge A.; Zeballos, Milagros; Chung, Aeree; Fernández, Ximena; Gorkom, Jacqueline van; Haines, Chris; Jaffé, Yara L.; Montero Castaño, María; Poggianti, Bianca M.; Verheijen, Marc A. W.; Yoon, Hyein; Deshev, Boris Z.; Harrington, Kevin; Hughes, David H.; Morrison, Glenn E.; Schloerb, F. Peter; Velazquez, Miguel (Royal Astronomical Society, 2016-07)
      An understanding of the mass build-up in galaxies over time necessitates tracing the evolution of cold gas (molecular and atomic) in galaxies. To that end, we have conducted a pilot study called CO Observations with the ...
    • Spectroscopy of bright quest RR Lyrae stars: Velocity substructures toward Virgo 

      Vivas, A. Katherina; Jaffé, Yara L.; Zinn, Robert; Winnick, Rebeccah; Duffau, Sonia; Mateu, Cecilia (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2008-10)
      Using a sample of 43 bright (V < 16.1, distance < 13 kpc) RR Lyrae stars (RRLS) from the QUEST survey with spectroscopic radial velocities and metallicities, we find that several separate halo substructures contribute ...