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    • GRB 161219B/SN 2016jca: a low-redshift gamma-ray burst supernova powered by radioactive heating 

      Cano, Z.; Izzo, L.; Ugarte Postigo, A. de; Fuentes González, Cesar (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Since the first discovery of a broad-lined type Ic supernova (SN) with a long-duration gamma-ray burst (GRB) in 1998, fewer than fifty GRB-supernovae (SNe) have been discovered. The intermediate-luminosity Swift GRB 161219B ...
    • HI column densities of z > 2 Swift gamma-ray bursts 

      Jakobsson, Páll; Fynbo, Johan P. U.; Ledoux, C.; Vreeswijk, Paul M.; Kann, D. A.; Hjorth, Jens; Priddey, R. S.; Tanvir, N. R.; Reichart, Daniel E.; Gorosabel, Jorge; Klose, Sylvio; Watson, Darach; Sollerman, J.; Fruchter, Andrew S.; Ugarte Postigo, A. de; Wiersema, K.; Bjornsson, G.; Chapman, R.; Thone, C. C.; Pedersen, K.; Jensen, Brian L. (EDP SCIENCES S A, 2006-12)
      Context. Before the launch of the Swift satellite, the majority of the gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows for which Lya was redshifted into the observable spectrum showed evidence for a damped Lya absorber. This small sample ...