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    • Colluvial deposits as a possible weathering reservoir in uplifting mountains 

      Carretier, Sebastien; Godderis, Yves; Martínez Concha, Francisco; Reich Morales, Martín; Martinod, Pierre (European Geosciences Union, 2018)
      The role of mountain uplift in the evolution of the global climate over geological times is controversial. At the heart of this debate is the capacity of rapid denudation to drive silicate weathering, which consumes CO2. ...
    • Modelling sediment clasts transport during landscape evolution 

      Carretier, Sebastien; Martinod, Pierre; Reich Morales, Martín; Godderis, Yves (Copernicus Gesellschaft, 2016)
      Over thousands to millions of years, the landscape evolution is predicted by models based on fluxes of eroded, transported and deposited material. The laws describing these fluxes, corresponding to averages over many years, ...