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    • Post-conjunction detection of β Pictoris b with VLT/SPHERE 

      Lagrange, A. M.; Boccaletti, A.; Langlois, M.; Chauvin, G.; Gratton, R.; Beust, H.; Desidera, S.; Milli, J.; Bonnefoy, M.; Cheetham, A.; Feldt, M.; Meyer, M.; Vigan, A.; Biller, B.; Bonavita, M.; Baudino, J. L.; Cantalloube, F.; Cudel, M.; Daemgen, S.; Delorme, P.; D'Orazi, (EDP Sciences, 2019)
      Context. With an orbital distance comparable to that of Saturn in the solar system, β Pictoris b is the closest (semi-major axis ≃ 9 au) exoplanet that has been imaged to orbit a star. Thus it offers unique opportunities ...
    • Resolving the planet-hosting inner regions of the LkCa 15 disk 

      Thalmann, C.; Janson, M.; Garufi, A.; Boccaletti, A.; Quanz, S. P.; Sissa, E.; Gratton, R.; Salter, G.; Benisty, M.; Bonnefoy, M.; Chauvin, G.; Daemgen, S.; Desidera, S.; Dominik, C.; Engler, N.; Feldt, M.; Henning, Thomas; Lagrange, Anne Marie; Langlois, M.; Lannier, J.; Le Coroller, H.; Ligi, R.; Menard, F.; Mesa, D.; Meyer, M. R.; Mulders, G. D.; Olofsson, J.; Pinte, Christophe; Schmid, H.-M.; Vigan, A.; Zurlo, A. (2016)
      LkCa 15 hosts a pre-transitional disk as well as at least one accreting protoplanet orbiting in its gap. Previous disk observations have focused mainly on the outer disk, which is cleared inward of similar to 50 au. The ...
    • VLT/SPHERE astrometric confirmation and orbital analysis of the brown dwarf companion HR 2562 B 

      Maire, A.-L.; Rodet, L.; Lazzoni, C.; Boccaletti, A.; Brandner, W.; Galicher, R.; Cantalloube, F.; Mesa, D.; Klahr, H.; Beust, H.; Chauvin, G.; Desidera, S.; Janson, M.; Keppler, M.; Olofsson, J.; Augereau, J. -C.; Daemgen, S.; Henning, Thomas; Thebault, P.; Bonnefoy, M.; Feldt, M.; Gratton, R.; Lagrange, Anne Marie; Langlois, M.; Meyer, M. R.; Vigan, A.; D'Orazi, V.; Hagelberg, J.; Coroller, H. Le; Ligi, R.; Rouan, D.; Samland, M.; Schmidt, T.; Udry, S.; Zurlo, A.; Abe, L.; Carle, M.; Delboulbe, A.; Feautrier, P.; Magnard, Y.; Maurel, D.; Moulin, T.; Pavlov, A.; Perret, D.; Petit, C.; Ramos, J. R.; Rigal, F.; Roux, A.; Weber, L. (EDP Sciences, 2018-08-07)
      Context. A low-mass brown dwarf has recently been imaged around HR 2562 (HD 50571), a star hosting a debris disk resolved in the far infrared. Interestingly, the companion location is compatible with an orbit coplanar with ...